Welcome Lenny!

When a giant of a man comes in and wants to take a position lifting heavy things up and putting them back down, you find him that job. Period.

“Lenny brings with him the experience doing exactly what our job entails, from one of our area competitors,” says Operations Manager Justin Vitti. “He takes pride in everything he does including his work, joy in interacting with different people each day, and subtly brings a level of competitiveness that I hope rubs off on the rest of the team. Even if you’ve never met me, you know that I am a super competitive person and Lenny told me from day one that he was going to fight and prove that he should have the job over anyone else. So far, he hasn’t let us or me down.”

Welcome Lenny Cooke!

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Introducing Pizza Boy Brewing!

Cape Beverage Distributing is pleased to announce a partnership with Pizza Boy Brewing of Enola, PA, to bring their products to the New Jersey market. Two brands — Pizza Boy’s Murren River IPA and Distinguished Indistinguishability New England IPA — will be available throughout the state beginning October 5th.

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Get to Know Chris Martin

Faithful followers know that we love to write blogs on our new hires — it’s a great way to welcome new people to the Brew Crew and introduce them to you folks.

However, it’s really rare for us to go back and write a new blog for an old hire. But… when you hire someone at 21 and they stick around for four years, it’s safe to say that much has changed.

That is certainly the case with Cape Beverage’s Head Driver, Chris Martin.

“Chris is still the Chris we’ve all grown to know and love,” says Cape Beverage Operations Director Justin Vitti, “but over the past four years he’s become more polished and put together, growing as a person and as a member of our team. He’s proven to be reliable, hardworking, and is one of the best team players at Cape Beverage. He’s grown into a true leader, the key to our success at Cape Beverage.”

So, get to know Chris Martin… all over again!

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