Welcome BJ!

This week, we spoke with one of our other distribution specialists at Cape Beverage, and one of the guys who makes sure that people throughout New Jersey can enjoy our beverages at your favorite bar, restaurant, or liquor store!

“BJ has become one of our go-to guys for North Jersey,” says Distribution Manager Rob Ritz. “He caught on to our computer system fast and is a real pro. He’s always in a good mood and brings good vibes to the team.  BJ asks every morning how you’re doing and I believe he really cares. He is one of those people that you can trust to complete any task given to him and won’t stop until it’s done.” 

When we met with BJ in Dennis Township, where he was born and raised, we quickly realized that this was definitely true. He has an easy-going, good-natured demeanor and is easy to talk to.

Meet Distribution Specialist BJ Carey!

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"He is always willing to go the extra mile for the customer and his team.”

Welcome Mikey!

Mike Jacoby hustles and works hard on and off the clock. As one of our new distribution specialists, he’s part of the growing team at Cape Beverage who helps make sure that everyone gets their beverages and orders in a timely, efficient manner.

We stopped by Cape Beverage to meet with him and check out some of the trucks and vehicles our drivers use daily.

“Mikey is a hard worker, a dedicated public servant, and a real asset to our team,” says Distribution Manager Robert Ritz. “He started out delivering beer in the vans and was very eager to move onto bigger trucks. He was trained by our Head Driver Anthony and now he’s able to drive whatever we need him to. He is always willing to go the extra mile for the customer and his team.”

Welcome Mike!

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“We sell a product that sells really well and that people love, which is fantastic."

Welcome Dan!

Continuing the growth and expansion of our sales team, this year we started looking for someone to take over Regional Sales Manager Tom LoBianco’s area. Lucky for us, Dan Moeri, fresh off his time with Founders, was eager for the chance to join our team.

“We were looking for someone to take Tom’s place, and that’s where Dan came in,” Sales Director Bill Zaninelli says. “He knows a lot of accounts and was already familiar with the area. He’s doing a great job– he jumped right in and was a great fit for our team.” 

Tom first met Dan sometime between 2012 and 2014, before his time with us. “He was working at the time for The Stirling Hotel in Morris County. I worked for a Miller distributor then and would sell him beer for the restaurant. It’s funny, in this business, you never know who you will run into or be working with after being involved for so long. When Bill contacted me about Dan applying, it was a no-brainer to reconnect,” he says. 

As for Dan’s work so far, Tom shares that he “picked up on everything immediately. His customer service skills and industry knowledge are total assets. He had contacts from working in the industry and was well-liked in the trade.” Dan has even excelled in opening up new accounts already: “He used his contacts to get us into Stage House in Scotch Plains as well as their Somerset location, and opened Oh Brian’s at the Hyatt Hills golf complex in Clark, replacing White Claw seltzer with Cape May Seltzer.” 

(That’s right, folks. Our seltzers really are that good). 

“I love working with him so far,” Tom says. “He’s doing a great job!”

Dan is personable from the moment you meet him, and we enjoyed getting a chance to talk with him this week about his journey so far. 

Welcome Dan! 

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