"With such a focus on IPAs throughout the industry, Honey Porter is a refreshing change of pace."

CMBC’s Honey Porter Can Distribution

Cape May Brewing Company will distribute Honey Porter in 12-ounce cans for the first time this month, alongside its continued distribution in draft year-round. Honey Porter is a 5.4% ABV brown porter that is deceptively smooth, easy to drink, and features a light body with a hint of sweetness.

“Honey Porter is a beer that got its start when I was homebrewing in my Brooklyn bathtub, and the recipe as a whole hasn’t changed much since,” says Cape May Brewing Company CEO Ryan Krill. “We pride ourselves in providing the same experiences people know and love every time they take a sip or open a can, and the same is certainly true for this beer.”

Honey Porter has been a staple of Cape May Brewing Company’s lineup since the company’s inception, and has strong roots in South Jersey. 

“We are thrilled to be working with Cape May Brewery on the new can launch of their Honey Porter made with Jersey Fresh honey,” says New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Doug Fisher. 

Using local honey was key in Honey Porter being the first beer in New Jersey to carry the Jersey Fresh designation.

“The ‘Made with Jersey Fresh’ program is available to food and drink companies that use NJ agricultural produce in their products, helping us extend the Jersey Fresh season to year-round,” Fisher says. “We encourage other companies that are interested in partnering with us to reach out. We can all raise a glass to promoting New Jersey agriculture!”

The Jersey Fresh program launched in 1984 to help inform consumers about the availability of produce grown in New Jersey. It has now become a benchmark for other state-grown agricultural marketing programs. The logo indicates that the contents have been inspected and meet quality standards equal to or better than U.S. No. 1 (the chief grade for most produce). This standard adds a quality assurance note to the overall Jersey Fresh marketing program that is welcomed by wholesale buyers and consumers who want high quality products that are uniformly sized and consistently packaged. 

Honey Porter is Cape May’s second-oldest mainstay, right behind the iconic Cape May IPA, and was previously bottled in 2015, 2016, and 2017, with a limited can release in the Tasting Room in 16-ounce cans in 2020.

“We wanted to create a special label for this beer, which has been such an integral part of our flagship series for so many years,” says Marketing Director Alicia Grasso. “The honeycombed image represents our interconnectedness as a state as well as the importance of each individual area and piece to the whole. This label is a way to pay homage to our state and the incredible people we work with that make this beer possible.”

Honey Porter won a bronze medal at the 2019 Great American Beer Festival, and many devoted fans relish a dark beer option that they can enjoy year-round.

“With such a focus on IPAs throughout the industry, Honey Porter is a refreshing change of pace,” says Chief Brewing Officer & Brewmaster Brandon Greenwood. “It’s a traditional style brewed with English malts and a touch of local flavor with the locally-sourced honey. It is a delicious beer with a fine balance of bold, yet delicate flavors.”

Cape May first brewed Honey Porter in October of 2011, making this release Honey Porter’s very own 10-year anniversary.

Cape May Brewing is thrilled to give fans the option of taking this brew home with them as consumers shift to darker beer options this fall.

Cape Beverage will be distributing Honey Porter starting this month. It will be available in 12-ounce cans throughout New Jersey and Delaware starting Monday, October 18th, with eastern Pennsylvania distribution beginning Monday, October 25th.

For more information, check out our website here or call (609) 759-2042.

"It's been great to see how big the following is. People get really excited about the new beers that are coming out."

Welcome Sara!

Post-COVID, we’ve been lucky enough to start bringing back some of our events, return to beer festivals, and bring more of our beverages closer to our fans around the region. 

Now that we’re getting back into gear with events and samplings, we needed a range of people across the state and region to help support our brand, pour beer, and chat with folks who come out to see us at these events.

That’s where our incredible Brand Ambassadors come in. It’s an exciting gig, and it’s always fun to be able to see these Brew Crew members out in the field and in their element. This week, we got the chance to catch up with another new ambassador, Sara Scangarello.

Meet Sara!

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"Throughout his short time with us, Mike has proven to be extremely receptive to coaching feedback and interested in progressing his role."

Welcome Mike!

One of the many ways that fans can interact with Cape May Brewery products is right in their own neighborhoods in local stores and venues. Our team is located all over the region, and as we continue growing, we’re always looking for more Brand Ambassadors to join our team to help introduce people to all the awesome beer and drinks we offer.

Delaware resident Mike Murray joined our team earlier this summer and we’re lucky to have a knowledgeable beer fan on the team!

“Mike Murray is always quick to respond to any and all sampling invites and shows great willingness to work all that has been presented to him,” says Sampling Program Manager Jenna Rae Rohana. “Mike is in a great location, serving Northern DE, but has been helpful in southern PA as well. Throughout his short time with us, he has proven to be extremely receptive to coaching feedback and interested in progressing his role as a Brand Ambassador with our company.”

Meet Mike!

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