Welcome Brandon!

The unsung heroes of Cape May Brewing Company are our drivers. They’re the ones out in the field in 90-plus-degree weather, slinging kegs and cases, ensuring that our beer makes its way to the farthest reaches of our market.

And we’ve currently got a great group of guys doing it.

One of the most recent is Brandon Jones. He’s left behind his former life at Walmart, answering the call of the open road for Cape May Brewing Company.

“He takes his time with what he does, so he doesn’t make mistakes,” says Distribution Manager Justin Vitti. “If I had to explain Brandon in one word, it would be mosey, because he’s somewhere between a slow walk and a happy stride. I’d rather have someone who takes their time and does it right.”

Welcome Brandon!

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"To be somewhere where people listen to you, it’s a refreshing change."

Welcome Tom!

We’re coming, Union County! We’re on our way!

We’ve recently begun distributing in Middlesex County. We’re working on Hunterdon, Somerset, and Union Counties, as well.

Why? Well… because we hired Tom LoBianco. He’s spent much of the past two decades selling beer in that area, so he was the perfect guy to put on the ground, getting our name out into this uncharted territory.

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“Behind the curtain, it’s really about strategy,” he said. “Thinking about who we are, who we are not, and where we want to go.”

Ryan in LA

Ryan’s been out in la-la-land all week — that’s Los Angeles, if you didn’t know — to attend the Winter Brewbound Session.

Brewbound Sessions are essentially a chance for the nation’s brewers to get together and shoot the shit. It’s low-key when compared to other conferences with a couple of seminars, and less intense than your typical trade show, with only a handful of suppliers on site.

Basically, it’s a chance for people to let ideas flow as plentifully as the beer. Partnerships are made, collaborations are floated, and everyone gets the chance to pick everyone else’s brain.

Oh, to be a fly on that wall.

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