“I just want to represent Cape Beverage to the best of my ability.”

Welcome Jim!

Sometimes perseverance is key.

“Jim is a great guy,” says Cape Beverage General Manager Justin Vitti. “We originally had him on the books to interview back in 2020 BC — Before COVID — and he had a family emergency come up and couldn’t interview. When we finally made it to 2021 and the job was reposted, he reached out to me to ask if he could reapply since he missed his chance last year. He interviewed very well (early and prepared), brought a wide range of experiences to the table from route sales to delivery to freight lanes, and is just a really nice guy overall. He wasn’t intimidated by the weight of the kegs and even joked, he will just have to make multiple trips faster than one trip.” 

Welcome Jim McCaffrey!

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“We ran out of space three years too soon.”

Mill Road, Here We Come!

Remember when you were in middle school and you kept outgrowing your clothes every three months, driving your mother crazy, costing her zillions of dollars?

That’s kind of where we are with Cape Beverage. We opened our new digs in Egg Harbor Township about a year ago, and we’ve already outgrown them, causing us to expand into a new building up the street.

So, we got together with Justin Vitti, just coming off his promotion to General Manager of Cape Beverage, to get the lowdown.

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