"Throughout his short time with us, Mike has proven to be extremely receptive to coaching feedback and interested in progressing his role."

Welcome Mike!

One of the many ways that fans can interact with Cape May Brewery products is right in their own neighborhoods in local stores and venues. Our team is located all over the region, and as we continue growing, we’re always looking for more Brand Ambassadors to join our team to help introduce people to all the awesome beer and drinks we offer.

Delaware resident Mike Murray joined our team earlier this summer and we’re lucky to have a knowledgeable beer fan on the team!

“Mike Murray is always quick to respond to any and all sampling invites and shows great willingness to work all that has been presented to him,” says Sampling Program Manager Jenna Rae Rohana. “Mike is in a great location, serving Northern DE, but has been helpful in southern PA as well. Throughout his short time with us, he has proven to be extremely receptive to coaching feedback and interested in progressing his role as a Brand Ambassador with our company.”

Meet Mike!

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"Chris is a model employee with a willingness to learn and grow."

Welcome Chris!

From our conversations with Mollie last month, we’ve been looking forward to the chance to finally meet another new Cape Beverage team member, Warehouse Associate Chris Vicchiarelli. We’ve spoken with him a few times before virtually, and in person, he was just as kind and personable.

Chris has a quiet confidence that shines through as soon as you meet him, and we have a feeling that this feature only just scratches the surface of what to know about him. 

He’s also a rockstar employee who’s balancing a work and school schedule, but don’t just take our word for it!

“Chris is a model employee with a willingness to learn and grow,” shares Fulfillment Manager Chris Martin. “Mollie refers to him as the ‘Silent Killer,’ because when you turn your head away for a moment, he’s already knocked out any task you throw his way. He’s the reserved type, so he often listens before speaking, which I feel aids his ability to quickly grasp any new challenge I throw at him. He’s a great addition to the team and has plenty of room for growth.”

Meet Chris Vicchiarelli!

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"Don't lose your dinosaur."

Welcome Rob!

Our new Distribution Manager Rob Ritz is immediately personable. He’s a positive, capable presence and has fit right in with us since the moment he started.

“Rob has really fit in well here at Cape Beverage. Not only does he bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from his diverse professional background, he also brings a positive attitude and get-it-done spirit to the team,” Operations Manager Craig Tropp shares. “He is willing to jump into any project to help Cape Beverage succeed, and consistently looks forward to seeing how he can help improve the company in regards to performance and morale. Rob is an all around team player full of energy and optimism, and we’re proud to have him on our team.”

Meet Rob Ritz!

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