"Cape May is an amazing company with fantastic beers that I’ve always admired."

Welcome Courtney!

When you’re looking for someone to fill a sales position, familiarity with our products goes a long way.

“Courtney has a lot of experience, having come to us from Evil Genius and spending a bunch of time with our Pennsylvania distributor, Origlio Beverage,” says Director of Sales Bill Zaninelli, “so, not only does she have a lot of experience in beer, she’s already very familiar with our products. She’s bubbly and full of energy, which is exactly what we need out there. She’s excited to kick some ass, and I’m sure she’ll be a great addition to our team.”

Welcome Courtney Moore!

Originally from the Mayfair section of Northeast Philadelphia, Courtney attended St. Hubert’s Catholic High School for Girls before, like a number of our sales managers, majoring in food marketing at St. Joseph’s University.

“That’s what I keep hearing: everyone went to St. Joe’s,” she says. 

Apparently, she was there at the same time as our new Marketing Associate, Casey McBride.

“She was my year, we lived on the same floor Freshman and Sophomore years,” she explains.

Courtney was with our friends at Evil Genius in Philly for three years, as well as with our Pennsylvania distributor, Origlio Beverage, for about two years.

“I was a ‘route jumper’,” she explains. “They didn’t have a permanent route for me, so I’d fill in when people went on maternity leave or on vacation. I definitely sold a lot of Cape May while I was there, so I’ve got a lot of experience with the brand.”

In addition to her work roles, Courtney’s been a member of the Pink Boots Society in Philly for about two years.

“In before times,” she laughs, “we’d get together at least once a month to brew beers or just chat. They started the Bold Women in Brewing festival, and I participated in that, as well. That was fantastic. I love that they’re bringing together women in the industry — I think it’s great. They’re all fantastic women who I greatly admire.”

She’ll be taking over some of Mike Laferrera’s duties in Ocean County, as he’s been promoted to Key Account Manager.

“I’ve been in Philly for the past five years,” she says, “but I kinda need to get out of the big city. The parking was too much of a nightmare, so I’m heading to the beach. Parking and driving around the city is rough. It’s a new adventure every day!”

When she’s not navigating her way throughout the city, Courtney loves spending time with her boyfriend, Anthony, and their doggo Bailey, often heading to the park and watching her run around like a maniac and chase balls.

“She’s a mutt,” Courtney says. “We’re not really quite sure what she is. When we got her, they told us that she was a hound, and that’s all we really know. We got her when she was three months old. I’ve had her for about a year-and-a-half, almost two years.”

They also love heading to the renaissance fair out in Lancaster County.

“That’s always a good time,” she says. “We dressed up one year for his birthday. It was fun — a big group of us went and everybody dressed up. We ponder dressing up every year, but it never happens. It gets too cold, honestly.”

They like to travel as well, having gone on a waterfall tour through Jamaica.

“It wasn’t as intense as it sounds,” she says. “It was part of our all-inclusive stay, so there was nothing dangerous. We had a guide the whole time. I mean, the only wildlife we saw was a bunch of wild dogs.”

While she’s out on the road, Courtney is usually listening to true-crime podcasts, admitting to having jumped on the bandwagon.

“Like everybody else,” she laughs. “All true-crime things, I’m a big fan of. I really like And That’s Why We Drink — it is a paranormal, true-crime podcast.”

Add that one to your list, friends.

“I think it all started when I was a kid, watching Scooby-Doo. I got into all that mystery stuff — that’s what I attribute my getting into all of the true-crime and paranormal aspects of things.” 

She says that she’s not really into music, but, if pressed, she admits that she’s a big fan of 90s boy bands.

“Podcasts usually take up all of my listening time,” she admits, “but I really love all the throwbacks for me: 90s, early 2000s types of stuff. Boy bands are my weakness: the Backstreet Boys, Nsync, O-Town, even a little old Dreamstreet.”

She hasn’t had the chance yet to check out Cape May, but she says she will once things warm up and start reopening.

“It’s definitely on the list,” she says. “I have to make the pilgrimage to the brewery.”

Even though she hasn’t had the chance to visit, she’s very familiar with the company and our offerings.

“Cape May is an amazing company with fantastic beers that I’ve always admired,” she says. “I applied for a job three years ago, when I first applied at Evil Genius. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear back, but no worries. I’m here now!”

Courtney says that she’s always admired all of our products.

“Cape May is really hitting it out of the park,” she says. “The can dress and the overall product presence really impressed me, and that’s why I wanted to make the jump.”

And she’s loving it here so far. 

“I absolutely love it,” she says. “Honestly. Everyone’s been so welcoming and warm. It really feels like a good, family-friendly company. I like that. I’m still meeting everybody, but I’m looking forward to growing my relationships with my customers and my fellow coworkers. I can’t wait to meet everybody in person once everyone’s vaccinated and some kind of normal comes up.”

When asked about her favorite beers, she points to Key Lime Corrosion and Beer of the Woman as her two favorites.

“I’m a sour fan,” she says. “Sour beers are my go-tos, and Key Lime Corrosion was the most delicious sour beer I’ve ever had. And I love margaritas, and it’s got a bit of a margarita flavor to it.”

Just add a little salt around the rim!

And as a Pink Boots Society member, she was happy to see such a good beer come from the collaboration. 

“I was so happy,” she says. “That was a fantastic beer. The apricot was fabulous. I’ve never really had a solid apricot beer, but that one was. It was crisp and clean and I really enjoyed it a lot.”

Courtney will be handling Ocean County for Cape Beverage, so if you see her out and about, be sure to say hello!