"I would like to fly. I really wanna fly. I would fly all over the place."

Meet Richie!

You know him. You love him. You try to avoid eye contact on a summer Saturday night at Goodnight Irene’s, but his magnetism is irresistible. He’s uber-lovable — our Sales Manager, Richie Rallo!

I AM FROM…  I hail from The Jersey, Cape May, NJ.

MY FAVORITE CMBC BEER IS… It’s tough, but I guess it’s City to Shore, mainly for nostalgia. City to Shore original recipe was the first beer that made me want to work at CMBC.


THE GREATEST ADVENTURE I EVER HAD WAS…  The greatest adventure I was ever on was being 22-years-old and handed the keys and the reins to Goodnight Irenes. It was like, “You look young and smart, but stupid enough, so this is yours now.” I learned a whole lot, mainly about alcohol and the effect it has on a variety of individuals. I learned about managing those individuals under those circumstances. I learned about time management. I learned a ton about beer. I always refer to Goodnight Irenes as my alma mater.

MY FAVORITE HOBBY IS… What is a hobby? What is the definition of a hobby? What is the criteria? Can beer be a hobby? Yeah, I like to beer. I am for beer. I guess I like skiing. I just booked a condo in Killington for January 1-March 3.

THE LAST TIME I LAUGHED UNTIL I CRIED WAS… I do that often. I laugh easily. But the last time I laughed until I cried was at SAVOR last year when [Head Brewer] Brian Hink took a giant swig of IPA — I remember specifically because of the rest of the story. Someone said something or someone did something, and he just erupted in laughter, which could only come out of him after the beer that was in his mouth came out of him. And this woman from an Alabama brewery just wore everything. Like, a good three, four ounces of beer. He just couldn’t control it — it was coming out, and he just spit it out all over her, at point-blank range. Everyone just freezes in shock, and the first thing Brian did was laugh, because that’s what caused the spitting. And I proceeded to laugh so hard that I did actually cry. I laugh really hard pretty often, but that was the last time laughter led me to tears.

THE SUPERPOWER I’D LIKE TO HAVE IS… I would like to fly. I really wanna fly. I would fly all over the place.

Straight to the Pint: Well, we work at an airport. You’d probably have to file a flightplan.

Richie: No. Did Superman file a flightplan? No. He just went around saving shit. I wouldn’t wear a cape or tights or anything, I’d just fly around.


MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME IS… It changes. Shawshank used to be the go-to, but I haven’t seen Shawshank in forever. It’s so good. It’s wonderful.

MY FAVORITE CARTOON IS… I don’t have one. I never did the cartoons. When I was a kid, no cartoons really stuck with me. I was force-fed Sesame Street. No Barney was allowed, just to put my early-childhood entertainment upbringing into perspective. Never did South Park. Never did Family Guy. I can’t even name any that I watched religiously. Pokémon would be number one, and I’m not gonna answer that. I abstain.

THE BEST PICKUP LINE I EVER HEARD WAS… At the Ugly Mug in Cape May, she walks up to my buddy Ben, who’s a 6’5” strapping young man. She grabs him by the shirt and says, “Oh, this is great! What is this made out of? Boyfriend material?” They got married a few months ago.

THE MOST FAMOUS PERSON I’VE EVER MET WAS… I’ve met Tina Fey. I’ve met Philip Seymour Hoffman. I met him a couple times, he frequented Cape May. He had a house on the Point. Served Tina Fey drinks. She was awesome. She was really nice.

MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE IS… I guess close-minded people. It’s a thoughtless reaction to something new or something different or something altered. It’s just that immediate wall that folks have that drives me crazy. It’s a fundamental issue that I can’t break through.

THE SPORTS TEAMS I FOLLOW ARE… Chelsea FC, Philadelphia Eagles, and Philadelphia 76ers

THE BEST ADVICE I’VE EVER RECEIVED IS…  “It’s not cheating if you don’t get caught.”


IF I WERE AN ANIMAL, I WOULD BE… I don’t know, because I want to fly, but birds suck. I think I’d want to be a Golden Retriever. They just seem to have a good time. My Golden Retriever Instagram page would have millions of followers. I’d be the most ballin’ Golden Retriever ever. I would have more personality than most humans.

I WAS DRAWN TO CMBC BECAUSE… Because of the beer. Because of the innovation, the ideas, the entrepreneurship. They were doing something that other people weren’t doing.

IF I HAD TO NAME A CMBC BEER TOMORROW, I WOULD CALL IT… See, I’ve named a couple of beers, see. Summer Catch is on the Greatest Hits album. I named I Know What You Did Last Shandy. I was really pushing for a World Cup beer that we’d name Yankee Doodle Shandy, but the US didn’t qualify for the World Cup because we’re pathetic, so that’s scrapped. But I still think Yankee Doodle Shandy is a killer name. It would be an Apple Pie shandy.

MY FAVORITE BAND IS… Kanye. Yeezy. Yeezy’s great. He’s so talented. I’ve only been into Kanye for about a year. The first time I gave Kanye a chance was driving around Denver for GABF last year.

MY KARAOKE SONG IS… Kryptonite. Is that Three Doors Down? Every time. It’s an easy belter. I recommend it. I mean, I’m not doing karaoke unless I’m intoxicated. I don’t mean hammered, hammered. But I need to be drunk. At least four Coastals, drunk.

I LOVE WORKING AT CMBC BECAUSE… There’s a Steve Buscemi character that says, “Because the money’s good and they let me blow shit up.” I don’t want to say “excitement,” but it’s always changing, constantly evolving. I get to talk to folks about beer. ‘Cause that’s my hobby: I beer. I do enjoy to beer.

IF I WERE A CMBC BEER, I WOULD BE… That’s a dumb question. That’s like, “What kind of tree would I be? What kind of seashell would I be? What kind of east-coast lighthouse would I be?”

Straight to the Pint: When I did mine, I said I was Cape May IPA, because someone once told me that everyone always gets the same me.

Richie: That’s a good one. I, too, will be the Cape May IPA, because it pays my bills. It is the backbone of my financial stability.