Introducing Pizza Boy Brewing!

Cape Beverage Distributing is pleased to announce a partnership with Pizza Boy Brewing of Enola, PA, to bring their products to the New Jersey market. Two brands — Pizza Boy’s Murren River IPA and Distinguished Indistinguishability New England IPA — will be available throughout the state beginning October 5th.

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Introducing Starcut Ciders!

In our effort to bring you as wide a variety of products as possible, Cape Beverage is thrilled to announce a partnership with Starcut Ciders, a division of Short’s Brewing Company, to bring the Northern Michigan company’s brands to the New Jersey market for the first time!

The Garden State is the eleventh to see the distribution of Starcut Ciders, and we’ll be bringing you three brands — Pulsar, Octorock, and Mosa — beginning July 21st. 

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At Cape Beverage, we’re continually searching for new ways to provide you with the stellar customer service you’ve come to depend upon. As we find ways to navigate the “new normal” that this pandemic presents us, we’re looking for ways to ensure that we maintain our high standards of customer service while keeping the safety and welfare of our accounts and our sales team as one of our highest priorities.

This is where DSDLink comes in. A free, easy-to-use app and online tool built to streamline the beverage ordering process, DSDLink will allow you to browse suggested products that are selling well in your market, discover and search all products available for purchase at Cape Beverage, be informed with accurate pricing for the day of delivery, view previous orders, and edit upcoming orders for any last-minute changes.

Most importantly, you can get started and begin ordering in 5 minutes or less.

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