"You'll always be greeted by our brand ambassadors with a smiling face as they pour your next favorite beer!”

Sampling Program

Things have really been gearing up at Cape Beverage! We’re now distributing through all twenty-one counties in New Jersey, and we’ve been getting tons of new fans through our sampling program.

We’ve recently hired several Brand Ambassadors — bright, interesting, outgoing beer lovers who know everything there is to know about the beers we carry.

You can find them behind a brightly-colored, completely unmissable table, handing out samples of our brews at a liquor store near you. Keep tabs on our calendar for details!

Our Sales Assistant Jenna Rae Copson has been leading the charge for our sampling program, so we sat down with her to get the deets.


“Our Brand Ambassadors are super people-friendly, outgoing, personable,” Jenna Rae tells us. “They all have a love for craft beer and love engaging with visitors to spread awareness of our brands — particularly in the territories that are newer for Cape Beverage.”

Sales Managers set up samplings in liquor stores throughout their territory, and each Sales Manager has a handful of Brand Ambassadors that work their events. Brand Ambassadors are local to each territory, so they see familiar faces, they know the region, they know the local drinking scene, and can help point new fans toward some local places that carry Cape Beverage’s products.

You may have already run into one of our folks out there in the world — you can’t miss them. 

“They set up a great display with a banner, lots of swag,” Jenna Rae says. “You can definitely tell where they’re from, and you’ll always be greeted by our brand ambassadors with a smiling face as they pour your next favorite beer!”

A lot of people love getting a chance to chit-chat, getting a chance to engage a little with our folks. People love hearing about our backstory and processes.

“Those visitors always get a little takeaway,” she says with a smile.

Jenna Rae has done a handful of samplings herself, and she says they’re always a blast.

“I love getting to know the various personalities that come and go through a given account,” she says. “You know, in a liquor store, you get a broad cross-section of the population, so you’ll get a diverse crowd.”

And it’s not always a craft beer crowd; however, most people can’t pass up a free taste.

“It’s always an interesting, new experience for them,” she laughs.

Regardless, Jenna Rae definitely sees the sampling program as a gigantic success.

“Currently, for this quarter, we have 109 samplings on the calendar,” she says. “It’s great. We started out with only one or two folks who acted as Brand Ambassadors, and the sales team would attempt to cover their own events. Now, the sales team can focus on opening new accounts while scheduling as many samplings as they can. Thus far, it’s been a huge success.”

So, without further ado… meet your Brand Ambassadors!

Mary Bracilli

What territory do you cover? South Jersey, Philly, Lehigh Valley

What drew you to the job? Really? You have to ask? It’s beer. And I work with and meet the best people!

What do you love about the job? No two days are the same. You never know what you’ll learn during a conversation.

What’s your favorite CMBC beer and why? I am always asked this question and after 3+ years at CMBC, I’ve had some delicious brews. Coastal Evacuation is my steady, but our seasonals and small batches are always my favorite beers since they are available for such a short time.

Stephanie Curtis


What territory do you cover? The territory I cover is North Jersey (ie; Hoboken, Jersey City)

What drew you to the job? I started attending Cape May Brewing tastings hosted by Joe in the Hoboken/Jersey City area. I was looking for part-time work and it seemed like an ideal fit to work for Cape May! I love the beer, not only for their flavor, but I’m obsessed with the cute cans!

What do you love about the job? As a high school teacher, I spend my day promoting what I love (math) to teens who are less than enthusiastic about the topic. Working for a brewing company allows me to promote a product that everyone loves, beer! Interacting with people at tastings and seeing the joy they get when trying new products is the best part of the job! Whether it is someone who wants to expand their knowledge of craft beers or turning non-believers into fanatics, being a Brand Ambassador means I get to share my passion with the community.

What’s your favorite CMBC beer and why? My favorite CMBC beer is Coastal Evacuation. I love the hoppy taste of IPAs, and it’s the perfect beer for summers on the beach, tailgating at MetLife… or anywhere really!

Kristin Ferraro

What territory do you cover? Burlington and Mercer Counties and some PA towns

What drew you to the job? It’s a great little job because I love talking to people and love making them aware of the best brewery and beers in New Jersey.

What do you love about the job? It’s fun, and I love meeting and talking to new people.

What’s your favorite CMBC beer and why? I like The Bog Cranberry Shandy because I love sweet beers, and, at 3.9% ABV, it’s not too heavy.

Mark Dumsha


What territory do you cover? From Cape May to Philadelphia – I have been all over the area.

What drew you to the job? I have always loved the beer. I am a teacher in Philadelphia and wanted to do something over the summer. I facebooked Cape May Brewing Company and asked for a job. I am glad they had something for me. I like it so much that I am staying on as long as they will have me.

What do you love about the job? I love going to the samplings and talking about beer with people. I like seeing what people enjoy in terms of the beers. When I am at a sampling and someone comes up to me and I ask, “Have you heard of Cape May Brewery?”, I love when they can pick out a favorite beer by name. The discounts and weeklies don’t hurt as well 🙂 I was really surprised about how many of my friends knew about and loved the beers.

What’s your favorite CMBC beer and why? Without a doubt, Coastal Evacuation. I like the citrus flavor. At 8% ABV, it doesn’t taste like a high alcohol beer. A close second is Cape May Lager, and I have Cape May IPA on tap at my house.


Gavin McGee

What territory do you cover? Camden, Gloucester, and Philadelphia counties

What drew you to the job? Cape May Brewing Company was my favorite brewery in New Jersey before I applied and it still holds the title in my mind as the best in the state. The company and the people in it have a passion for beer and, like no other company I’ve worked for, they really are some of the nicest coworkers I’ve ever had. Simply put, it’s a classy, well-rounded, and respected organization that makes amazing beer.

What do you love about the job? The flexibility is incredible and the novelty of telling my friends and family I work for my favorite brewery still hasn’t worn off. I love meeting new people, handing them free beer, and talking to them about how great it tastes!

What’s your favorite CMBC beer and why? I love Crushin’ It, and I think part of it has to be the fact that it means I have to visit the brewery to get it. I love visiting Cape May and anything exclusive adds to the allure. Also citrusy IPAs are so refreshing over the summer, while still packing a punch.

Dominick Morgenstern


What territory do you cover? Atlantic and Cape May Counties

What drew you to the job? Working with the production crew at the brewery has given me a unique view on what it takes to get the beer out to the people. I’ve enjoyed doing tastings for friends and family with new beers and flagship beers. When the availability came to be a part-time ambassador, I jumped at the chance.

What do you love about the job? I love talking about beer with people and turning them onto their new favorite beer.

What’s your favorite CMBC beer and why? My favorite was Aiding and Abretting: such a unique sour and hope we make it again. My other favorite right now is Old Salt — I love a great gose in the summer. The same goes for Tan Limes. I can often be found in the Tasting Room enjoying some Honey Porter, my tried-and-true go-to.

Tom Puza

What territory do you cover? “Central Jersey” — Looking to add some fuel to the fire of the overall debate if Central Jersey is actually a thing.

What drew you to the job? I love the beer industry. Working with Cape May has given me a great opportunity to expand my knowledge in craft beer and the beer industry. Another major factor was the overall product. I loved it before I started working for the company, therefore I knew I would love working for the company while selling it.

What do you love about the job? I love being able to give people the opportunity to try something they normally may not gravitate towards when visiting a liquor store. The thought of turning someone onto craft beer excites me.

What’s your favorite CMBC beer and why? I absolutely love Coastal Evacuation. Even before I started working for Cape May, it was one of my go-to beers. The overall complexity of the flavor, yet the easy drinkability of the beer really drew me to it.

Katie Szabo


What territory do you cover? Middlesex, Somerset, Union

What drew you to the job? I love the brews, fun atmosphere, and the amusing social media/marketing presence it has.

What do you love about the job? Meeting people, getting to brag about the delicious brews we have, and helping people find their new favorite beer.

What’s your favorite CMBC beer and why? Crushin’ It. Anything that tastes like the fruit and a juice that I love is going to be my favorite. This beer leaves me feeling so refreshed and happy.

Our new Brand Ambassadors are out in the field now, running samplings. Be sure to check our calendar for samplings near you, and be sure to say hello!