“As the fastest-expanding black-owned brewery in the nation, we believe that our balanced beers with unique packaging will truly stand out in the New Jersey marketplace.”

Introducing Full Circle Brewing Company

Cape Beverage Distributing is proud to announce the addition of Fresno-based brewery Full Circle Brewing Company to its distribution partners. This partnership marks the first time that Full Circle beers have reached the New Jersey market.

Full Circle is committed to bringing a fresh voice to the industry through new techniques and ownership. 

Full Circle is the longest running brewery in Fresno, and have been given a new life since 2016 thanks to owner and CEO Arthur Moye and a group of local investors. Since then, they have quickly expanded the brewhouse capacity and continue to bring their brews to new markets. 

“Full Circle Brewing Co brings great liquid and fun packaging to the NJ market, including a variety four-pack! Besides excellent liquid, Full Circle’s creative approach of bringing together artists and craft beer enthusiasts helps their ‘Beertainment’ approach to craft beer shine brightly in a crowded craft space,” says Cape Beverage General Manager.

The team at Full Circle are invested in their community and operate as both a full-scale production craft brewery and live entertainment venue, including hosting headliner artists such as Alien Ant Farm and Kyle Gass in addition to events such as roller derby, craft nights, and art shows. 

“We are excited to partner with a premier distributor like Cape Beverage Co. to bring our California fruit-forward beer into the hands of New Jersey consumers,” says Full Circle CEO Arthur Moye. “As the fastest-expanding black-owned brewery in the nation, we believe that our balanced beers with unique packaging will truly stand out in the New Jersey marketplace.”

Cape Beverage will distribute Full Circle Brewing Company’s Captain Save a Hop (w/ Pineapple) West Coast IPA, Juicy New England-inspired IPA, and Illa Vanilla Milkshake IPA. 

Additional products from the brewery will also come to New Jersey later this year.

Beginning Monday, March 28th, these three brands will be distributed throughout New Jersey. For more information on Full Circle, see their website at https://www.fullcirclebrewing.com/. For more information on events and samplings from Cape Beverage Distributing, you can visit their website at www.capebeverage.com, or call (609) 759-2042.

ABOUT CAPE BEVERAGE: Founded in 2019, Cape Beverage delivers experience, dedication, knowledge, and brand focus to all 21 counties in New Jersey. Built on nine years of Cape May Brewing Company’s successful self-distribution, Cape Beverage’s team of committed and enthusiastic Sales Managers is constantly in the field, ensuring quality, friendly service to each retailer. Each bar, restaurant and retail store is supported and engaged with a successful sampling program led by a dedicated Sales Assistant and run by a team of knowledgeable, outgoing, and locally-based Brand Ambassadors throughout New Jersey.

ABOUT FULL CIRCLE: In 2016, the oldest running brewery in the Central Valley met its new owners… Arthur Moye was a CPA with a passion for homebrewing before making a giant leap and selling his practice to acquire Full Circle Brewing Co. The rebirth of FCB was backed by a group of investors, all members of the community, many of whom banded together financially because they so strongly believed in our vision. The change of ownership resulted in rapid growth and rebirth for the brewery and allowed us to expand from a 7.5BBL brewhouse only producing draft beer to a 15BBL brewhouse producing a majority of packaged beer able to reach the consumer market throughout California.

Today, Full Circle Brewing Co. remains dedicated to the quality and flavor of our beers and you can taste the passion, commitment, and experience in every glass and can. We are not only breathing new life into this old brewery, but we are committed to reviving downtown Fresno and our own historic Chinatown. We love beer, we love live entertainment, we love Fresno, and we love this brewery!