Cape Beverage and COVID-19

While things are developing rapidly concerning COVID-19, Cape Beverage is determined to keep on top of changes to the situation while doing whatever it takes to keep the beer flowing and to keep ourselves and our valued retail customers safe.

As an essential industry, we continue to have team members in the trade visiting our accounts and distributing our products. We believe that the following procedures will aid in combating the spread of coronavirus.


  • Any employee feeling unwell is encouraged to stay home.
  • All non-essential meetings and all non-essential travel are canceled.
  • Many positions are working from home.
  • All employees are encouraged to maintain at least a six-foot distance from others.
  • Employees are encouraged to wash their hands as frequently as possible.


  • Call accounts whenever possible. 
  • Grocery and off-premise samplings are canceled until further notice.
  • Several key positions will be working from home but will be fully accessible by phone, email, and text. 
  • The Sales team will keep hand sanitizer in their vehicles, wear masks, and refrain from shaking hands. 


  • Each driver will keep to the same vehicle.
  • Drivers will wipe down the vehicle as often as possible.
  • We’ll be doing extensive steam cleaning inside each vehicle.
  • Drivers will wear disposable latex gloves, discarded after each delivery.
  • We won’t let anyone use our pen and won’t use anyone else’s pen.
  • Our drivers will be wearing masks.
  • Drivers are scheduled to arrive at work and load their trucks in pairs, limiting the number of people in the warehouse at a given time.

We understand that these are trying times. However, some short-term sacrifices are necessary to maintain our safety in the long-term. We’ll do everything we can to ensure that the short-term discomfort is as easily weathered as possible while ensuring that the safety of our clients and staff remains the highest priority.

We thank you for your cooperation and hope that you and your family remain safe and healthy.