“I like where the brewery is going,” he says. “I hope I can help Cape May grow into something bigger than it is now. The adventure of that should be a fun ride."

Welcome Mike!

We’ve got a new salesman at Cape Beverage, and he’s excited to bring his experience and knowledge down to Cape May. Mike Laferrera has a wealth of experience in opening new markets, and he can’t wait to get to work in Central Jersey for CB.

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“Don't sweat the small stuff.”

Meet Bill!

When you’re looking for someone to head up your sales team, you’re going to want someone who knows the business, who’s been in it forever, and who’s worn a few hats within the industry.

“We were looking for someone to add to our leadership team with a wealth of experience in the beverage industry,” Ryan says. “With Bill, we found our guy.”

Welcome Bill Zaninelli!

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Andrew Monastra, Jedi

We like our people to know as much as humanly possible about how to do their jobs. We invest a lot of time and money in educating our employees, and we think it pays off.

Luckily, now we’ve got a Line Tech Jedi on our hands. Our man in the field, Andrew Monastra, spent three days last week out in Pennsylvania learning the ins and outs of servicing our tap lines at our draft accounts.

“Andrew has the initiative and he cares about the big picture,” says Operations Manager Justin Vitti. “That means a lot to Cape May Brewing Company.”

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